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About Us

We provide asset management solutions

About Us

At Clockwork, we develop powerful trading algorithms and high-frequency trading systems based on 33 years of experience. Not only as software developers but also as traders, brokers, and advisers. Hedge Funds, Corporate Treasurers, and others are now deploying our top-rated algorithms to drive their trading decisions, in liquid, high-frequency markets such as Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Futures.

Our proprietary methodologies and strategies have been thoroughly researched, thoroughly tested and most importantly, the market traded! Our trading models, formulas, and algorithms decipher historical and recent market data, crunch the numbers, and deliver end-users, real-time, trades directly to their brokerage account(s).

Armed with any of our trading systems or portfolios, all buy, sell, exit target & stop-loss orders are mechanical and on auto-pilot. The guesswork, fear, greed, stress, and emotion are eliminated. We offer several powerful trading algorithms and strategies for most diversified portfolios. Each strategy can be set-up to auto-ex trade CFD’s, Bitcoin, Equities, ETFs, Forex, and Futures for you at various compatible brokerage firms and trading platforms.

Our Group

The ClockWork Group SAS

Algorithmic trading software & high frequency trading strategies known as –
BTC.252, daVinci, KellyV, Abacus, CH4, EuroDealer, i-Platinum, Mapleleaf, Atomic 78, i-Dollar, DarkPool, Sniper.ES, Heat, i-Petrol, PVX,  FrequenZ, Paper Barrels, Kiwi.540, 007, LR.252, Aussie Banker, SymphonyVI Portfolios & others available via Collective2, Striker Securities & TradeStation.


Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading & Management

Federally Registered Commodity
Trading Advisor (CTA), Discretionary third
party account management, private research,
cryptocurrency and derivatives consulting


R&D, educational partnerships, workshops,
trading webinars, FINRA Series 3 training,
internship program, QuantTalk, QuantTV,

Our Group has evolved to include
industry-leading, top rated, market
timing software, a new hedge fund
administration business and an
educational incubation unit.

As Clockwork Group’s investment focus
expanded, so too did our team, as we are
attracting top talent from around the
world who possess tremendous
intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and
a relentless commitment to execution.

We bring together intellectual capital
from the fields of trading, data science,
technology, research, meteorology, risk
management and engineering – all to
solve complex financial problems that
have an impact on the global capital

Opportunities & Connections


To combine leading experts from
every relevant field—trading,
technology, research, meteorology,
risk management, end engineering—in
collaboration to create a system that
would unravel the complexities of
finance across every global market.


To provide a comprehensive system
that would eliminate all guesswork,
fear, greed, stress, and emotion from
trading for every level of investor.


We are always open to partnerships –
be it with agents, brokers, distributors,
exchanges, universities or other like-
minded corporations. If you think
there are synergies in working together,
we would be happy to speak with you.
We bring to the table a vision, a plan,
a depth of resources as well a very capable
and determined team who are there to
ensure that we achieve great success in
any endeavor.

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